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Katherine Von Drachenberg

"I am a canvas of my experiences, my story is etched in lines and shading, and you can read it on my arms, my legs, my shoulders, and my stomach"



Franken Voltage Ink was founded and created by Kim herself more than 8 years ago. However, she has been working in the Tattoo and Piercing industry for more than a decade. She has always had a huge interest and love for anything involving art and creativity.


Mainstream ideas have never been a part of Kim’s personality. From an incredibly early age, she has always thought out of the box enabling her to come up with the most artistic and original designs, which is evident in her work. Kim has a bubbly and friendly personality which makes your visit to her studio a very comfortable experience and you will feel totally at ease.



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Meet the team.

Founder and Artist


Kim has been involved in the industry ever since she completed her schooling. With a never-ending thirst for knowledge, she is always on the lookout for opportunities to grow and educate herself further.

As a versatile artist, she not only excels in tattooing, but also in piercing and permanent makeup.

Moreover, she has mastered the art of tattoo removal for both permanent makeup and tattoos.

Kim has a profound love for the piercing aspect of her career and finds great joy in creating unique tattoo designs, especially those that fall under the category of dark art.

Her clients are consistently drawn to her exceptional skills in fine line and cover-up tattoos, and her patient approach ensures that their satisfaction is her top priority.

Her cheerful personality creates a comfortable and enjoyable experience for her clients, reflecting her genuine concern for each person that walks through the doors of her studio.

Tattoo Artist


Jess has been tattooing for 2 years now and is working hard to improve every day.

She has been drawing since she was a kid, taking art classes and watching tutorials to keep improving over the years.

She is always ready to learn new things and do her best in every project.

After working in retail and feeling like her talent was being wasted; she finally took the leap and started tattooing in 2021.
She loves fine-line work and realism and is hoping to do amazing tattoos for her clients that they'll love and treasure as memories forever.

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Super dope shop xx friendly and clean environment! Kim’s line work and application are amazing. Highly recommended for piercings. She is quick and painless. Her ink work is just as good. Her energy makes you feel comfortable and relaxed 👌🏻👍🏻 whoop whoop


Awesome studio. Kim is friendly and super helpful. She was able to answer my questions and give me professional advice! Kim changed the daith piercing jewelry without pain or hassles. I look forward to my tattoo appointment.


Did my smiley and I LOVE IT. Atmosphere is dope too.


Very comfortable and pleasant experience.


Best tattoo artist. I will recommend her any time.


Brilliant work. Kimmi truly is exceptional.



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